Multi-Materials Technology 

Bicycle wheel truing stand, foosball table, e-cargo bike, radio controlled glider, computer hard drive box, drift trike, snowboard training ramp, Converting a shipping container into a workspace………what do all these things have in common?  These are projects that our senior students are undertaking to design in 2020.              

The Individual Pathway starts in year 9 - each student chooses (within reason) what they want to design and construct. Through this we hope to foster an environment where they are able to begin to think critically and to question design principles. At Year 10 students work with a wide range of different materials and machinery and are encouraged to work independently and to think laterally. During this year they become more familiar with technical language, client liaison, and trialling and testing principles. They also receive training in risk assessment and gain a better understanding of health and safety methodology.  

By year 11 it is a full year subject and provides students an opportunity to tailor their education to their future pathways, their extracurricular activities and/or both. Working with clients broadens their understanding of societal needs and requirements and also gives them experience of working with external light industry sub-contractors where appropriate. The student will see and grasp the opportunities created with them at the centre.

Our teaching and learning programmes are designed to foster independently minded thinkers who will be valued in the pathway that they have chosen, whether it be further tertiary study, or within a modern apprenticeship, or as a future small business owner and innovator. We have access to Computer controlled machinery and a wide experience and knowledge base within the Department where we are constantly learning – as is the nature of Technology.