Multi-Materials Technology ​​​​​​​

Students/ākonga undertaking studies in this department will have a keen interest in designing and making products that are fit-for-purpose in terms of the intended use, the end user and the environment in which it will be sited.

Our teaching and learning programmes simultaneously allow ākonga/students to:

  • Develop an understanding and application of a creative design process that leads to the creation of products that are a fit for purpose, for ether individuals, whānau/families, or communities.
  • Develop knowledge about materials, techniques and processes which are intrinsic to their application and use.
  • Develop practical skills required to manipulate and test a range of materials and construction techniques, including computer-controlled technologies such as Laser and plasma cutters and routers.
  • Develop an understanding of sustainable practices.
  • Develop an understanding of the Mātauranga Māori Principles and explore the importance of tikanga Māori and traditional Pacific practices to understand how technology outcomes impact on people, hapū, and iwi.
  • Develop good health and safety practices in a workshop environment. 
  • Our teaching and learning programmes are designed to prepare students/ākonga for their future pathways, whether that be further tertiary study, a modern apprenticeship, or a startup business.

Our Staff

Mr Kettle

Ms Vandenberg

Mr Nugent

Mr Stockwell