Design - Architectural and Product (Hoahoatanga me āna hua)

Students undertaking studies in this department will have a keen interest in designing spaces, environments, and products, as well as communicating their design ideas to others.

Our teaching and learning programmes are designed to help mould students to be creative thinkers, understand the constraints of technical feasibility, and be able to take conceptual ideas through to refined and well-documented solutions. Students experience working in a collaborative environment using industry standard 3D modelling programs and digital sketching devices. In addition, students develop skills in design communication and promotion culminating with a public exhibition in their final year.

We believe our students are leaving the Year 13 course with the attributes needed to continue exploring this challenging, dynamic and diverse field. Most of our senior students continue in tertiary studies in Architecture, Landscape Design, Exhibition Design or Engineering.

Architectural /Landscape Design

​​​​​​​Product Design

​​​​​​​Exhibition Design


The design of spaces and environments for people, taking into
consideration the cultural narrative of the area as well as societal and environmental factors. Developing an understanding and appreciation
of design eras, styles and influential designers.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A focus on designing for end-users, including functional detailing and
testing using 3D printing techniques. Producing scaled dimensioned
​​​​​​​drawings for production purposes.


​​​​​Communicating design ideas to a given audience, in a given location,
​​​​​​​using a wide range of visual presentation and exhibition techniques.