Outdoor Education

The Cashmere High School Outdoor Education program is designed to be a challenging course. Students use this challenge to push their personal comfort zone to develop personal and social attributes.

The three main values that are intertwined in the course are:

Kaitiakitanga - Guardianship and protection of our Taonga which is our natural and urban wilderness. What our tikanga is for looking after the outdoors with a spiritual connection to the land.

Character and grit - Willingness to push yourself physically, mentally and emotionally to step outside your comfort zone. 

Manakitanga or Kohtahitanga - Develop generosity and care for others. Individual helping each other, giving support, listening and “walking the walk”.  Year 13’s take a leadership role contributing to the organisation and teaching and learning for a selected topic. 

The main activities for the year are Kayaking, Tramping and Navigation, Alpine Skills and Rock climbing

The assessment is a mixture of Achievement Standards and Unit Standards and these will largely be assessed via a mixture of practical task and written tests. 
Manage risk in a partnership
Over the last 10 years the school has developed a relationship with Adventure Specialties Trust (An audited and accredited outdoor provider) and during our trips and afternoon practicals we will be operating under their Safety Management System to identify foreseeable hazards and seek to eliminate, isolate or minimize the hazards to keep students as safe as possible. This will include activity planning, staffing, equipment and transport.
Resources for students
●    Fleet of White Water Kayak 
●    School Rock Wall
●    Camping tramping equipment
●    Climbing equipment
●    The Port Hills area being so close with climbing crags, bush and an orienteering course.