​​​​​​​Art History is offered at Year 12 (Level 2) and Year 13 (level 3).

The Level 2 course is titled 'Towards Modernism' and covers
developments in European art between 1780 and 1900.

The Level 3 course covers the Early Renaissance (1300s and
1400s) and Early Modernism (1900-1940) topics.

Students gain knowledge and appreciation of the styles and contexts
of these periods in art. They explore analysis techniques and learn 
to craft their own opinions and responses.

Students are challenged to interpret artworks directly, while also
learning to critique written and film commentaries about the artworks.  
These skills complement any practical art subjects as students can introduce the techniques and strategies of the famous artists in their
own practical artwork. 

Students also gain a new appreciation of the art in their own
environments. This is reinforced through class trips.  Skills of critical 
thinking, creativity, essay writing and time management equip akonga
with lifelong expertise in a number of areas.

As a wise man once said, "studying Art History allows you to see the
​​​​​​​world through the eyes of a genius".