Commerce offers 3 engaging and vital subjects to support your future. Each option offers the tools you need to succeed at the Tertiary education level, in the workforce, and beyond.

Business Studies

The modern expectations of businesses have never been higher, with consumer needs and wants changing by the day. In Business Studies students learn how to function in the business world of tomorrow, creating their own social enterprises, having real impacts on their community, and competing for thousands of dollars in prizes and trips through the Young Enterprise Scheme.  ​​​​​​​

We are a team of passionate young New Zealanders from Cashmere High School that are dedicated to helping businesses and professionals take control of how they share their details. 

Paper business cards are not only a thing of the past but are also a huge threat to the national deforestation problem. So instead we came up with a sustainable alternative called STAP Card. The STAP card is a business card that allows communication of all necessary information including Email, Phone Number, Address, and Website links. You no longer need stacks of cards lying around or having to give them out, simply tap or scan the QR code on the card to the back of your phone and bam! the contacts are saved to your phone.

It's really that simple!

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Economics in many ways is the study of choice. How do people, businesses and government make all of these choices, and what will happen because of this? In Economics we deal with issues that face society, and find a way to improve the quality of life in New Zealand and the world. There is no better way to prepare for change than the skills offered in Economics.​​​​​​​