​​​​​​​The true purpose of arts education is not necessarily to create more
professional actors or artists. It’s to create more complete human
beings who are critical thinkers, who have curious minds and lead their
own lives.

To develop young peoples’ understanding of Drama and Theatre
as a lens through which to view the world in order to understand
the culture and value of others.

​​​​​​​Through Drama, our students will be guided through a journey that
allows them to be self-assured and reflective practitioners.
They will develop their understanding of the processes of creation
and collaboration as a means to express their own thoughts and
feelings of the world around them, whilst developing their belief
in themselves and in the opportunities that the challenges of life offer.

To enable young people to use Drama as a lens to view the world
so they can see through the darkness of difference to the light of
diversity and community.