School Charges

Guide to School Charges ……

State schools are government funded, however locally raised funds make up approx. 30% of total operating income for our school. High decile schools like Cashmere, receive less funding per student from the government, on the assumption that they will raise additional funding from the school community.

In 2019, the Government introduced a Donations Scheme whereby schools from Decile 1-7 can elect to receive a $150 payment per student in lieu of school donations. We are not eligible for this scheme as we are a Decile 9 school.

School Donations

Single Student Donation $250.00 yearly

Family Donation $400.00 yearly (if more than one student attending Cashmere High School)

These are voluntary payments and eligible for a tax credit from IRD. Some examples of what school donations fund:

  • Fully registered nurse onsite during school hours
  • Additional teachers to allow greater curriculum choice and reduce class sizes
  • Additional teacher aide time to assist students in the classroom
  • ICT hardware eg data projectors in classrooms, additional wifi access points, high spec desktop computers for specialist subjects, laptops for fixed term teachers (including relievers), laptops for students to borrow or hire. 

If you require an official donation receipt these are issued by payment date in financial year.  Please feel free to contact the student payments administrator, Jodie McKinley, by phone 337 4724 or email 

Subject Related Costs

  • Most subject related costs are voluntary and therefore eligible for a tax credit from IRD (in the same way that school donations are). This does not include co-curricular activities eg sports, performing arts, music instruction.
  • Resources such as printed workbooks or online subscriptions are recommended for some subjects. Whilst it is not compulsory to purchase these, we do request payment for them.
  • Some subjects involve activities and/or trips outside the classroom. We believe these enhance students’ learning, and we request payment to cover these extra costs.
  • Some practical subjects, such as Art and Technology, involve students constructing/making tangible goods that can be taken home and kept. ‘Take-home component’ costs are not considered a donation by IRD and these charges are considered compulsory.
  • At the start of each year, the school provides a credit of $10 on student photocopy accounts (through the school’s software system) to cover subject-related printing/photocopying. Students then pay at the student reception for any additional printing/photocopying they require.
  • Students are required to supply their own personal stationery. The school will recommend what is suitable for specific subjects and year levels (available on our school website under Enrolment/Stationery).

Co-curricular costs (Sports, Performing Arts, Music)

Students have the option of participating in various extra-curricular activities. These are offered on a user pays basis and payment of charges is considered compulsory. 


From time to time charges will be applied to student accounts for things like student ID cards (CanDo), lockers or other miscellaneous items. There should always be communication to parents/caregivers about these charges, however if you can’t find it, or wish to query a charge, please feel free to contact the student payments administrator, Jodie McKinley, by phone 337 4724 or email


School charges may be paid in the following ways:

  • Parent portal (credit card) – incurs a 3% surcharge up to a maximum of $5.00 will apply.
  • Internet banking to ASB 12-3482-0034441-00 (reference required - please use student name and charge being paid eg geography trip)
  • At school (student reception) during office hours (8.30am-4.00pm) Monday to Friday

If no specific instruction is received, payments will be applied as follows:

  1. Compulsory charges
  2. Subject related charges
  3. School donation
  4. Miscellaneous

Statements of account are emailed to parents/caregivers monthly, and student accounts can be viewed any time on the parent portal.