Policies and Procedures


If members of our community wish to make a formal complaint we request that this is at first made with the staff member concerned. If this remains unresolved, or is of a serious nature, then we request that the complaint is made in writing (or email) to the appropriate senior member of staff. If you are unsure please address your complaint to the school Principal. These are to help ensure all complaints are dealt with in a timely and just manner.

If the problem remains unresolved please refer to the complaints policy and procedures below.

Policies and Procedures

Our school has a range of policies and procedures created and approved by our Board of Trustees to help ensure the smooth and successful operation of our school as well as to make sure the school meets its legal obligations.

The documents in the drop box below are some of the key policies which relate to our school community:

If you have any queries please feel free to contact the Board Chairperson or the Principal.

February 2024 - We are currently reviewing all of our policies and proceedures and plan to move to SchoolDocs in the near future.