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Health Clinic

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The Health Clinic is a self referral clinic which operates 9am-3pm Monday to Friday in the administration block.

Registered Nurse: Annie Ogilvie RCPN – fulltime 9–3 pm MONDAY – FRIDAY

School Doctor : Dr David Rollinson MBChB ( Cashmere Medical Practice ): TUESDAY Lunchtime

Physiotherapist : Alister George DipPhys, PGdipPhty ( Barrington Physio Clinic ) WEDNESDAY Lunchtime

We offer free confidential consultations including:

  • Providing immediate first aid and assessment of illness at school.
  • Free Nurse, Doctor and Physiotherapist consultations for students who present with a health concern.
  • Support/assessment/education/treatment/referral may be given on a wide range of health concerns.
  • An ACC form can be completed by the nurse for any significant injury requiring referral for x-ray. This is usually to Orthopaedic outpatients at ChCh hospital. After 6pm we have a $30 deal for x-ray and Doctor check-up for sporting related injuries with the 24hr surgery Bealey Ave. Tell them you are a CHS student.
  • Smoking cessation and Nicotine replacement therapy(patches/gum) is offered through the clinic ( parents /caregivers are also welcome )or call Quit line 0800 778 778 or visit .
  • Contraception/sexual health consultation is provided on request including emergency contraception.
  • Wart treatment is offered at Dr clinics on request.
  • Monitoring of students with medical/long term conditions is done in partnership with parents/caregivers and teachers.
  • There is facility for storage of students own medications. I.e. eye drops, antibiotics, antihistamine, analgesia (there are certain protocols if prescription medication are to be given at school by the nurse.).
  • The Nurse may dispense panadol if required after she has made an assessment. Under 16 year olds, parent permission for panadol to be signed on enrolment.
  • Students are referred as necessary to the school counsellor for support.
  • St John's Ambulance will be called if necessary to transport a student to hospital.
  • An AED defibrillator is located in reception.

1. We aim to assist students to take responsibility for their health and actively promote healthy lifestyle choices. By students keeping healthy we hope to maximize their opportunities for learning at Cashmere High school. If a student is unwell or injured or there is an imminent threat to the student at school you may be contacted to pick up your son or daughter. If the student can be temporarily managed at school and return to class you will probably not be contacted unless there is follow-up care required for example head injuries.

2. Parents/ Caregivers feel free to contact the health clinic at any time. Further information on privacy, confidentiality, storage of medical information etc is available on request from the clinic. We encourage you to keep emergency contact details updated by notifying the administration office of any changes.

3. We also encourage registration with the Dentist for free dental care up to the age of 18, and appropriate immunizations provided by the GP for example Tetanus and the Cervical cancer vaccine.

All the best for a happy and healthy year.

Annie Ogilvie
Registered Nurse
Phone: +64 3 337 4728
Cell: +64 022 100 3079 (office hours)

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