Conductive Education

Conductive Education teaches people with movement disorders to co-ordinate their movements and to achieve greater independence in their daily lives. The Conductive Education Centre provides educational programmes and support for students with physical and multiple disabilities (predominantly of neurological origin).

  • Academic – Conductive Education fits seamlessly within the vision of the New Zealand Curriculum through the adapted curriculum SPEC (South Pacific Educational Courses). These programmes cover all curriculum areas and empower students through diverse learning opportunities and approaches. Students also have the opportunity to join mainstream classes and the high school community during their school years. As part of Cashmere High School, Conductive Education provides specifically for the needs of ORS funded secondary aged students regardless of their academic ability.

  • Conductive PE – Students at Conductive Education have daily physical programmes adapted for their skill level. They are expected and encouraged to use their physical skills all through their school day (e.g. walking, independent mobility, sitting on a chair, gross motor movements and manipulation skills).

  • Communication - Students have access to Speech Language Therapy to ensure they are able to participate and contribute in their education and community settings. The Speech Language Therapist provides ongoing assessment and evaluation of communication skills – including speech, language, pragmatics and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems.

  • Transition programme - Varied activities assist our senior students to get involved with their wider community and prepare for a purposeful and fulfilling life beyond school. These programmes include work experience, life skills programme, swimming, personalised gym programmes, art&craft groups and involvement in micro-enterprises.

    Transdisciplinary Team

    Conductors are qualified professionals who are trained in the principles, theory, practical teaching and facilitation methods of Conductive Education. Conductors facilitate learning so students can succeed in a task but only with active effort on their part.

    We have in-house Speech-Language Therapist who is part of the professional team providing specialist guidance in communication, assistive technology and programme delivery.

    Specialist Teachers provide diverse learning opportunities and approaches to empower all students to be active learners to reach their full potential.

    Teacher Aides support students to achieve their goals.

    Please contact Jane Hardy (Manager) if you would like more information about Conductive Education at Cashmere High School. Ph. (03) 337 4718.

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