Cashmere Parents' Group

Welcome to Cashmere Parents' Group. We are a newly established group of Cashmere High School parents with a number of aims. We would like to enhance the relationship between the school and the parents. In order to do this we hope to organise social activities which will provide the opportunity for the school and community to come together. We help with hosting responsibilities at events such as Year 9 parents evening, Open Days and working bees. We do some fundraising to enable us to be a self funding group, and hopefully to assist with the school funds. We also are a group which the school can call on when volunteers are required, for example after the February earthquake we helped to organise volunteers for the liquefaction and library cleanup events.

We meet approximately twice per term, however, if meetings aren't really your thing that's ok too. We also need people to call on periodically to help at school events such as music performances, drama productions and sports meetings. If you want to be on the email list, contact, and we can add you to the email list which will put you in the information loop and you can choose whether or not you commit to the opportunities as they come up. If you think that you have some brilliant ideas for social gatherings or handy contacts for interesting speakers, please contact us via our email.


Mark Kolmer
Chairperson Cashmere Parents' Group


Cashmere Parents' Group News

Minutes of the Cashmere Parents Group: Wednesday 28th October 2015

Next meeting date is on Wednesday 25th November 7.30pm in the school staffroom

Your Teens Mental Health

Your teens mental health parent talk on 24th March speaker notes available here.


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