Cashmere High School Foundation

On 22 September 2009 a new Cashmere High School Foundation was launched, with five initial Trust members appointed. The aims of this group is to provide a vehicle for benefactors to the school to make donations of a general or a specific nature and to build a fund which will provide income to meet the Trust’s deeds. This includes promoting and improving the educational purposes, projects and facilities of the school.

Finding further information or making contact with the Foundation can be achieved by contacting any of the current Trust members:

Chair - Andrew Hercus (current parent and past pupil CHS 1974-78)

Secretary - Riley Divett (past pupil CHS 2007-11)

Treasurer - Graeme Cook (past pupil CHS 1957-61 & member of Foundation Pupils Assn)

Trustee - Anne Johnson (past pupil CHS 1958-61)

Trustee - Michelle Corkindale (current parent and past pupil CHS 1970-72)

Trustee - Mark Wilson (School Principal)

The Foundation would be very grateful of all and any financial contributions towards their aims of helping to enhance and improve the educational opportunities and experiences of our students at Cashmere High School.

School Office: Phone: 03-3329129; Email: