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International Programmes

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International students have been a part of the Cashmere High School community from the earliest days of the school's establishment. The multinational character of the school is valued by teachers, students and parents as part of its outreach to the world.

Students considering study at a New Zealand school will find Cashmere High School has many opportunities for personal and academic development. There are many reasons for attending school outside a student's home country and Cashmere High School carefully selects a programme of study appropriate for each student.

English Studies

Cashmere High School offers programmes of study from 1 month to 3 years. Beginners are catered for with an intensive English programme while mainstream students have classes arranged from Elementary to Advanced levels.

Following a period of successful English language study, international students at the school are encouraged to prepare for national qualifications. High school and university qualifications from New Zealand are recognised throughout the world for advanced study and employment opportunities.

Performing Arts

For music, drama and dance, there are many opportunities to perform and develop creative abilities. The school has a great reputation throughout New Zealand for the talents of students in orchestral, jazz, rock and other music fields.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor education courses are available for those students seeking to discover New Zealand's spectacular environment.


Cashmere High School is a large school with extensive grounds and buildings. There are a number of grassed playing fields, tennis/netball courts and a gymnasium that provide for the physical activities that are important for our students. The school has a well resourced library and specialist classrooms are provided for technical, science and computing subjects.


When international students arrive at the school, they attend a programme of orientation and are advised by the International Academic Manager on their course of study. English tests are taken by all new students and special tuition is available to ensure they are able to cope with study requirements.


Homestay with a family living near the school is the most common form of accommodation and is a good way to experience the warmth and friendliness of New Zealand families.
The school is able to arrange accommodation for international students. The school requires all students to be living in accommodation under adult supervision.


It is compulsory while studying at Cashmere High School for all international students to have suitable insurance cover. Medical, personal property and travel insurance should be carried, for protection from unseen events. The school works in partnership with Uni-care, offering those studying in New Zealand, insurance at a very reasonable and competitive price.


Cashmere High School has an on-site registered health nurse with a Doctor available at lunchtimes during the week.

Code of Practice

Cashmere High School has signed and complies with the Ministry of Education's Code of Practice for the Recruitment and Custodial Care of International Students. This code is a guarantee of standards of student care and supervision, teaching and recruiting promises as well as providing a complaints protocol for dissatisfied students or parents. Copies of the code are available on request from the school or from the Ministry of Education Website Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students


Cashmere High School works in partnership with many Agents from different countries, if you are interested in becoming a partner for Cashmere High School please look through our Agent Manual and make contact with the school. Agent Manual

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