Music at Cashmere

The Cashmere High School Music Department offers a wide range of musical opportunities for students. Music groups perform regularly in major productions, at concerts and at special school occasions.

Music Events in 2017

Music Activities

Music groups include:

  • Brass Ensemble
  • Boys Barbershop Chorus
  • Boys Barbershop Quartets
  • Chamber Music
  • Choir and Chorale
  • Concert Band
  • Girls Barbershop Chorus
  • Girls Barbershop Quartet
  • Irish Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Orchestra
  • Percussion Group
  • Recorder Ensemble
  • Rock Bands
  • Saxophone Ensemble
  • Stage Band

Music Activity Fee

Yearly fee of $40 per student regardless of number of activity involvements Activities include instrumental lessons, music groups, rock bands.

Fee covers Music acquisition, Photocopying of parts and maintenance and purchase of equipment (amplifiers, mics, piano tuning, etc.)