Learning Support and Special Needs

The Learning Support Department works with students who require additional support with their needs around learning, behaviour or health. We support students of all academic abilities. If you have a son or daughter who has previously received additional support, please contact us to ensure we are aware of their individual needs. It is particularly important that we are made aware of:

  • Diagnosed learning differences such as dyspraxia, dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties
  • Diagnosed behavioural needs such as ADD, ADHD and Autism Spectrum
  • Permanent or long-term medical, physical and sensory conditions or disabilities

We use the information to prepare an individualised learner profile outlining recommended strategies to assist the student’s learning. This is made available to the student’s teachers. Some students may have undiagnosed learning needs. The Head of Learning Support will investigate further following a request from family, teachers or the student.

Special Assessment Conditions

Junior: Students eligible to use a reader or computer/writer are encouraged to trial the support for some of their assessments during Years 9 and 10. Eligibility is determined by the Head of Learning support in conjunction with the student’s family.

Senior: An application for Special Assessment Conditions (SAC) is made by the school for students who meet the criteria for specific learning difficulties, sensory and medical needs. The decision around eligibility is made by NZQA. Students with approved SAC may use them for NCEA internal assessments, school examinations and external examinations. To discuss eligibility, please contact the Head of Learning Support (SENCO).

Learning Support Team

Our team includes the Head of Faculty (who is also the SENCO), a Learning Support Teacher/ORS Teacher and a team of Teacher Aides. We work with students in the main classroom setting and also with individuals and small groups in the Opportunity Room to deliver short-term intervention programmes for literacy, numeracy, cognitive skills and study skills.

A team of itinerant specialist teachers including Resource Teacher for Vision, Resource Teacher of the Deaf and Resource Teacher for Learning and Behaviour work on site with identified students.

We also liaise regularly with Heads of School, Counsellors, Health Nurse, Academic Mentors and Gifted and Talented Coordinator.

Head of Learning Support and Special Needs - Julie Alce

Te Pukenga Cashmere High School – embracing the philosophy of *Conductive Education and the New Zealand Curriculum

‘Crafting good citizens through vibrant opportunities in order to inspire personal and collective excellence’ (Cashmere High School Vision)

Te Pukenga is a specialist facility for students who have been verified on the Ongoing Resource Scheme (ORS High or Very High) and require the additional support of a specialist facility.

Te Pukenga Conductive Education
We are proud of our purposes built, spacious building that is nestled within the culturally rich, educationally diverse environment of Cashmere High School.

Te Pukenga Programmes
Te Pukenga programmes are designed to provide students with age appropriate functional living skills, communication skills, social skills, leisure skills and vocational skills. Specific emphasis is placed on daily physical programmes to achieve the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes for all students. In the specialist facility South Pacific Educational Courses (SPEC) provide core learning opportunities across the weekly timetable. Programmes empower students through diverse learning opportunities and approaches.

Te Pukenga School and Wider Community Inclusion
Professional staff from the specialist facility and Learning Support work together to establish mainstreaming options for students and the placement of students into the mainstream SPEC class. Students placed in this class will work towards gaining The New Zealand Certificate in Skills for Living for Supported Learners, NZQA qualification. Specialist facility and Learning Support staff work with families to identify work experience opportunities and leisure activities within the school and wider community based on the outcomes of individual education plans (I.E.P.s) and transition plans (I.T.P.s).

The Te Pukenga Team
The Te Pukenga team combines professional expertise from Conductor-Teachers, Specialist Teachers, a Manager and a Speech Language Therapist, supported by an experienced team of Teacher Aides to work holistically with students and families. The Conductor-Teachers specialise in developing individualised programmes for all students (functional and therapeutic).

Those interested in enrolling a student with Te Pukenga please contact Jane Hardy, Manager of Te Pukenga (337 4718) or Julie Alce, Head of Learning Support (332 9129 ext 715).

*Conductive Education
Conductive Education teaches people with movement disorders to achieve greater independence in their daily lives.